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3/31/2018 to 12/31/2020
precision adapter
precision adapter precision adapter


hit your target everytime.

The smooth Precision Adaptor is a helpful tool that makes it easy to deliver targeted flashes of energy to small, contoured or hard to treat places, such as your face, underarm, bikini area or around tattoos or moles. Just snap the smooth Precision Adaptor on the main applicator for an ultra-targeted treatment.


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how to attach the smooth precision adaptor:
1. Make sure that the smooth device is turned off.
2. Remove the accessory protective cap from the applicator by gently pulling it off. The accessory cap is located on the bottom side of the elōs Cartridge.
3. Gently slide the smooth Precision Adaptor on the applicator unit until you feel it “click” into place.

how to use:
1. Press the activation button on the applicator to turn it on and select your elōs energy level. Gently position the applicator on the area you want to treat. The device is ready to emit the flash only when the elōs activation button light is steady blue and not blinking. Press the elōs activation button to emit a single flash.
2. Reposition the applicator on the next area to be treated and press the elōs activation button again to emit another flash. After the flash is emitted, the activation button will blink until the system is ready to emit the next single flash. Repeat these previous steps until you have covered the entire treatment area. Wait at least 10 seconds before you treat over the same spot.

detailed information

• An easy and quick solution to effectively treat small, contoured areas

use it with
• smooth device

additional accessories:
• elōs Cartridge


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